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ABC will help you to stop smoking

You've heard it before but...
Top Ten Reasons To Quit:

10. Others Stop Smoking, so can you!
9. Smoking doesn't solve your problems, quitting will.
8. If you're a pack-a-day smoker (about $4.00 per day), then you'll be saving $1,460 per year.
7. Smoking has become less acceptable in public.
6. You won't have to waste money on cosmetic surgery for your premature wrinkles, cigarette burns, and yellow stained teeth and nails.
5. You're sick of coughing all day, running out of breath, and smelling bad.
4. You want to stop killing others you care about with second hand smoke.
3. Chemotherapy just doesn't seem like a good hobby to take up.
2. You don't want to learn to breathe with an oxygen tank or only one lung.



ABC will help you to stop smoking



Risks of Smoking

Benefits of Quitting

  • Coronary Heart Disease
    Cigarette smoking is a major factor responsible for 120,000 excess US deaths from coronary heart disease (CHD) each year.

  • Sharply decreases risk after one year
    After 10 years, ex-smokers' risk is same as that of those who never smoked.

  • Chronic Bronchitis and
    Pulmonary Emphysema
    Cigarette smokers have 4-25 times risk of death from these diseases as nonsmokers. Damage seen in lungs of even young smokers.

  • Cough and sputum disappear during first few weeks. Lung function may improve and rate of deterioration slow down.

  • Stillbirth and Low Birth Weight
    Smoking mothers have more stillbirths and babies of low birth weight - more vulnerable to disease and death.

  • Women who stop smoking before 4th month of pregnancy eliminate risk of stillbirth and low birth weight caused by smoking.

  • Children of smoking mothers smaller, underdeveloped physically and socially, seven years after birth.

  • Since children of non-smoking mothers are bigger and more advanced socially, inference is that not smoking during pregnancy might avoid such underdeveloped children.

  • Peptic Ulcer
    Cigarette smokers get more peptic ulcers and die more often from them, cure is more difficult in smokers.

  • Ex-smokers get ulcers but these are more likely to heal rapidly and completely than those of smokers.

  • Allergy and Impairment of Immune System

  • Since these are direct, immediate effects of smoking, they are obviously avoidable when you stop smoking.

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