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ABC will help you to stop smoking


Individual Sessions $185
One 90-minute session plus unlimited FREE return visits to Follow-Up Groups (offered twice monthly). Hypnosis, Behavior Modification techniques, and reinforcement CD. NEED MORE? (Alternative Individual plans can be designed to fit your needs.)

Group Sessions $275/person
Form your own group of 3-5 people and get five 90-minute sessions over a three week period, plus unlimited FREE return visits to Follow-Up Groups (offered twice monthly). Hypnosis, Behavior Modification techniques, and 2 reinforcement CD's.
See Group Descriptions.

Corporate Programs Rates Negotiable
ON-SITE programs as described above or alternative plans designed to fit your company's needs.

Follow-Up Groups No Charge
Hypnosis, reinforcement techniques, and discussion.

Individual Session

The information is the same as the Group Sessions with a focus on:

  1. Awareness of Behavioral Conditioning
  2. Attitudes, Beliefs, Cognition
  3. Alternative Behavior Counseling

In-session discussion of take-home informational folder containing reading material, homework assignments, self-tests, etc.

Topic areas include:

  • How you will benefit from becoming a non-smoker
  • Risks of smoking/Benefits of quitting
  • On developing a positive attitude
  • Changes your body goes through when you stop smoking
  • The smoking cycle
  • Why do you smoke? (self-test)
  • How to avoid weight gain when you stop smoking
  • How you can stop smoking
  • How to handle the stress of not smoking
  • Why Stop Smoking?
  • One day at a time
  • Just one will hurt
  • Slip-ups
  • Recovery symptoms
  • Rationalizations
  • Deep Breathing exercise
  • Alternative Behaviors and Interventive Techniques

TOO FAR? TOO BUSY? TOO EXPENSIVE? Click here to order the Individual Session informational folder and hypnosis CD online for only $59.95.

Group Session

Anything But Cigarettes is a program that is designed to help the participant stop smoking by engaging in a comprehensive 3-step treatment plan aimed at the ABC issues involved in the smoking habit.

  1. Awareness of Behavioral Conditioning addresses the why, where, when, with whom, and how important aspects of the smoking habit that exists on both conscious and unconscious levels of the smoker's behavior.
  2. Attitudes, Beliefs, Cognition explores the intellectual, emotional, and social issues involved in why one smokes and how previous attempts to stop smoking have failed.
  3. Alternative Behavior Counseling shows the determined quitter what to do and how to do it. The committed participant learns hundreds of alternative behaviors, interventive techniques, and maintenance tips that, when used faithfully, will gradually eliminate the cigarette urge - every quitter's adversary.

This small group program consists of five 90-minute sessions over a three week period and includes pre-quit, quit, and post-quit phases.

The approaches used are well-established and based upon sound psychological principles of behavior, thought, emotions, and treatment techniques. The information provided by the instructor is documented by intensive research and supported by the professional community.

If you want to stop smoking, contact Us for More Information at:

Anything But Cigarettes
415 S. West St., Suite 150
Royal Oak, MI 48067
P 248-546-3550
F 248-546-8070