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ABC will help you to stop smoking

Learning why you smoke can teach you how to stop smoking.

Smokers use tobacco to fill many different needs. Studies show that most people smoke for one of more of the following reasons:

  • Smoking gives me more energy.
  • I like to touch and handle cigarettes.
  • Smoking is pleasurable.
  • Smoking helps me relax when I'm tense or upset.
  • I crave cigarettes; I admit it, I'm addicted.
  • Smoking is a habit.

Understanding which needs smoking fills for you is important if you want to quit. Finding other ways to meet these needs can make it easier to give up tobacco.

Many smokers will find that they smoke for more than one of the six reasons. If this is true for you, try the tips suggested under each group that applies. If you do not score high on any of the reasons, chances are that you do not smoke very much or have not been smoking for very long. Giving up smoking for good should be easier for you.

QUIZ: (Be totally honest and thoughtful when answering these questions.)


Here are 11 of the most popular mind-games that people play in order to justify their smoking habit. Go over them and see if you can find your favorites.

  1. "I only smoke low-tar cigarettes or only smoke once in a while so I'm avoiding all the health hazards of smoking."
  2. "Well, we all have to die of something, and I'd rather be thin when I go."
  3. "I really enjoy smoking - it tastes good."
  4. "When I'm smoking I can get a lot more done - I work better."
  5. "I could stop smoking any time I really want to."
  6. "All those experiments are with rats and other animals, there's no real proof that people can get cancer from smoking."
  7. "Everything in my life I do for someone else - at home, my job - smoking is the only thing I do for myself."
  8. "My Uncle Ed smoked three packs a day since he was 12 years old and look at him - he's 95 and in great health."
  9. "Smoking helps calm my nerves."
  10. "Look at all the air pollution - cigarette smoking is no worse."
  11. "I've smoked my whole life and can't stop smoking now - even if I did, it's too late now - the damage is done."

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